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How to compose your (pre)seed startup's pitch deck

  • 52Weeks
  • 15Steps


This course is developed for startup founders who are in pre-seed or seed stage. It consists of 15 short videos, of total length a little less than 30 minutes. The average video length is approximately 2 minutes. Evaluation video: The course guide a startup founder how to compose his pitch deck, one slide at a time. A number of concepts are introduced during each video. The founder may have to perform additional research to familiarize with those before attempting to put together the information necessary for the slide. The course has a total duration of 52 weeks to assist those just beginning their startup journey and provide enough time to work on it with relative comfort. It is also a self-paced course. Meaning the founder chose how fast to proceed. You may watch all videos and also work on the slides you feel most comfortable concluding, before getting to work with those you might feel more challenging. Or you may take it one at a time. The course is voiced and subtitled in English language. Summarized instructions for each video are also presented in English as well, in the form of a presentation. Important notice: You hereby acknowledge that you forego your right to cancel your order and be refunded, as soon as you conclude your payment, under the European Union directive for digital products.

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