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Digital Network

Scouting network.

A great part of this platform's mission is scouting for startups on behalf of investors of all kinds, e.g. angel, venture capital firms, etc.. However, after conducting a great amount of primary research, the conclusion is that most of the scouting effort goes unpaid, demoralizing and demotivating the scouts.

For that reason, it seems like a reasonable next step to set up a startup scouts network aiming at bringing together Supply and Demand by leveraging a market oriented approach. There is a unique selling point in this endeavor, but also a certain potential value for both sides of the trade, waiting for someone to create, distribute and monetize it.

If you are an investor or represent or work for an investor, natural or legal person, you may use the contact form to express your interest or request a video call to discuss the offering. The same applies to anyone who has some experience in scouting startups interested in becoming a scout member of the network.

Lastly, individuals that deal with either investors or startups in their daily activities and can source introductions, may also be interested into becoming a startup or investor scout.

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