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Incubation as a service.

This is a twelve (12) month subscription service offered to those startup founders currently in concept up to pre-revenue stage. It is a basic programme aiming at assisting founders to explore their concept, saving time, while considering whether it is really a project worth to pursue further.

One of the greatest mistake I have seen startup founders do, is the lack of necessary research in certain central and important aspects every startup founder should take into account before committing full time.

Another issue many early stage founders face, is the lack of resources and tools that suit their objectives, given they have those set.

This programme offers the minimum necessary features to accomplish this goal while at the same time equips founders with a few tools that make a difference.

Access to exclusive content.

Subscribed founders get to have access to blog posts that offer solutions, suggestions or address other issues raised through the programme.

Similing Team
Team work

Lean canvas.

Successful identification of key areas during concept stage, or as early as possible, saves time and money for founders.

Just do not repeat the huge mistake many founders do when they try to decide whether an idea is worth to pursue. Let me assist you in clearing some of the unseen obstacles often prove unsurmountable at later stages and clarify the feasibility of your startup project.

Pitch deck how to.

Subscribed founders get to access a top class course on how to compose their fundraising pitch deck. The course guides founders through all the necessary steps and considerations so as to achieve the right balance of content and context, enabling investors to read it, instead of ignoring it.

A good pitch deck get founders into investor interviews. From that point on, it is all up to a founder's skills and charisma to make the sale.

Gift Time

Savings & credits.

All founders for the duration of their subscription get access to a pool of programme partners that includes all sorts of services and products, from very well known or less known providers.

Great savings, discounts or free credits are provided exclusively to the subscribed founders giving them a necessary boost at the starting line worth approximately $3 million. New competitive offers are being added periodically.

Subscription information.

The subscription fee is specified at the "Plans & pricing" webpage, must be paid in advance and lasts for twelve (12) months. The subscription is cancelable but non-refundable. The subscriber may cancel the subscription at any time without cause.

The working language is English.

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