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About the platform.

We aspired to build a startups incubator addressing an under served segment of the market, where startups not matching a set of criteria do not get further support, financial or other.


We assist people starting from an idea, concept, or any other subsequent stage to progress and perhaps to raise funds for their startup. In the process, beside providing development and mentoring, we focus on developing the necessary mindset which will accompany the (co)founders to their startup career.


We have already put in place partnerships that augment and enhance the service offering and always develop additional if a startup project’s circumstances demand so, in order to become successful. The (co)founders are always the decision maker, contrary to other offerings in the market that require equity and as a result, impose decisions to protect their interests.

Business Meeting

My Background 

I have studies in economics, statistics, object oriented software development, embedded programming and a technical degree in electronics, networks & telecommunications.

I have been working with startups founders for the last 4 years. I have also taken a business development role under a short term contract arrangement.

Whom I focus on

Right now, I am focused on preseed and seed stage startups. Other stages may be added later on. However, I have identified several deficiencies in these stages and I would like to contribute potential solutions.

How I Do It

I have decided to start with course offerings. There are other ideas currently on how should I move ahead. I will implement more of these features from time to time.

What's in It for You

Well, if you are looking for material that will assist you to conclude essential tasks in a professional manner, look no further. I am a skilled researcher. I know how to put together the information necessary, to create useful materials. Take your chance with me and you will not regret it.

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