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Your startup journey starts with an idea.

Increase the odds of success by taking other perspectives in mind.

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If 78% of venture capital backed startups fail, why is everyone looking for to raise venture capital?

The venture capital and lately incubator, accelerator field is dominated by a set of selection criteria resulting to exclusion, while they do not increase rate of survival in the long run. Why should a programme have these criteria embedded in a selection process?
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Is it not a conflict of interest when an incubator or accelerator takes equity in a programme participant startup? What about the startup founders; should they not be the ones making the decisions?
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Does a cohort rotation based programme really support startups that most of the time start spontaneously or the programme provider's schedule? When a startup has to wait for a programme to open applications, is it not deprived of critical resources and development during a crucial period?
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Angel investor + incubator = angel incubator

Depending on how one answers the above questions, (s)he may arrive in different outcomes. Angel Incubator is the outcome we have arrived by answering to numerous such questions that came up during primary, secondary research and earlier runs of the actual online incubator programme. It is also a result of building from scratch instead of adopting a template which is then adjusted. Committing too early to an architectural template always poses limitations to future development.

We firstly identified the problem and then used our principles to project through them the solution. There is preliminary work concluded on a novel business method to finance early stage startups as well, which is yet to be deployed. However, we still have conviction to angel incubator as a standalone solution to address the faulty model which almost everyone acknowledges but few even attempt to think outside of.


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A course designed to walk you through the process one slide at a time. The function of each slide is explained and brief instructions are provided on how to approach its composition.

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