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Your startup journey starts with an idea.

Increase the odds of success by taking other perspectives in mind.

Why I started
startup founders.

Since 2017 I have been working directly with startup founders. I use the experience and conclusions drawn to create offerings that relate to them and perhaps assist their professional and startup growth. It may be courses, apparel or anything else really, that I may think it might be relevant.

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My Story

I have been involved in a business environment since my university studies time. I had been interacting with c-level executives and other entities, such as chambers of commerce.

I have also published some important publications on academic level, confronting difficult problems thinking out of the box.

Some years ago, I had tried to raise funds for a startup project of mine. I had experienced not just the difficulty, but also the exclusion inherent to the current dominant business model of the industry.

I decided to do something about it and I have managed to produce a business plan to introduce a totally different startup financing model.

This website is part of the journey.


Below you may see current offerings.

How to make your pitch deck.

A trail in nature.

Preseed or seed stage startups

A course designed to walk you through the process one slide at a time. The function of each slide is explained and brief instructions are provided on how to approach its composition.

Other services.

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Business plan

  • Development: If you are looking for assistance to develop your initial business plan on a fixed price, then this service is made for you.

  • Review: I will review your business plan and produce a report with suggestions on sections you need to work on further.

Contact me for additional information on courses or other features,

or open my professional web site for more information on other services I offer.

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